Abby Steele,

This morning, I sat in front of my computer with a simple question: "When I think about peace and humility, who in my life comes to mind?" Abby, you immediately came to mind.

Just the thought of spending time with you and hearing your laughter brought a warmth to my heart. Your friendship means so much to me and I do a terrible job of expressing that to you.

Life has seemed like quite the rollercoaster the past two years. You have proven yourself to be a true friend that teaches me to not take life too seriously, even when shit is hitting the fan. Wait, am I allowed to say that on my good, suburban, Christian blog? 

I know I've brought parts of my life your way that you weren't prepared for. Even so, you have an other-worldly kind of peace you always carry with you. It blows me away every time. You listen, you love, and you don't feel the need to fix everything. Having a friend who sits with you in the desert rather than dragging you out of it is the best kind of friend.

Thank you for loving me without condition. I don't deserve it.

Thank you for showing me the kind of patience and understanding that I know only comes from Jesus.

Thank you for reminding me that I'm never too far gone.

Thank you for your hugs. Honestly, I am nearly brought to tears just thinking about the comfort and love they provide.

Thank you for being such a good friend. You're too good.

Abryney, I love you so stinkin' much. Here's to seeing you again soon, my friend.