Abigail Parker,

Five minutes. That's it. That's all it took to make my entire day.

You are always ON. It's incredible. I am inspired by every word that you speak and your relentless dedication to working hard.

This morning you reminded me that I have control over each situation and have the power to choose how I respond. This is something I so easily forget. Recently, my mind has been bombarded with thoughts of past mistakes and people I have angered. For someone who thrives on making peace, this has been quite the weight to carry. 

But you're so right. I have great strength within myself to choose how much power I give to any given situation. My goodness, I needed to hear that.

Thank you for the strength you show in your heart and soul.

Thank you for making the most of each moment.

Thank you for your humility and willingness to admit you're still learning too.

Thank you for calling me Timmy. 

Thank you for being such a great friend and human.

The world needs more Abigail Parkers. You're an inspiration.