Andrew Szczerba,

Hey, ya heifer. It's your favorite sow.

I remember meeting you for the first time at Otterbein when I was visiting Caitlin. I was so intimidated by you, yet inspired to be just like you. You knew how to control a room and everyone was absolutely in love with you. Never did I ever think I would call you one of my closest friends.

The enthusiasm you bring to life and the people you spend time with is astounding. You are absolutely magnetic. I've honestly never seen anything like it.

But more importantly, you know how to care for your friends. You make everyone feel noticed and important. People want to know you because they themselves want to be known. No wonder people continually return to your Starbucks. After meeting you, it just wouldn't make sense to go anywhere else.

Andrew, you continue to inspire me to be a better person and to find the best in people. 

Thank you for your friendship. Honestly, I'm #blest to know THE face of Otterbein.

Thank you for seeing light in the world around you. There can never be enough optimism.

Thank you for pushing yourself to reach your goals at work. It's an inspiration to watch you advance, grow, and earn the respect of your superiors.

Thank you for your beautiful voice. Dang boy. You are truly gifted.

Thank you for emoji vogue.

Andrew, I love you so much. I'm excited to watch our friendship grow into old age.