Ben & Dani,

As I reflect on my time spent with the two of you, one word continues to come to mind: generosity.

But not in a "you give away extravagant things" way (although, you do give really thoughtful and timely gifts), but in a "we know what we need and anything beyond that should be shared with others" way. You're generous in your interactions with others and in the way you welcome others into your hygge. I feel so undeserving of your wisdom and the meaningful conversations I have the privilege of sharing with you. I aspire to be as selfless with the gifts God has given me as you are with the many gifts, talents, and resources He has given to you.

Thank you for your continued example of an honest marriage. It's an honor to learn from your experience, mistakes, and victories.

Thank you for making sacrifices for one another. I'm sure I've only scratched the surface of what I can learn from that.

Thank you for your humor and for sharing laughter that I know I would never be able to share with anyone else.

Thank you for challenging my brain. I feel smarter simply by sharing a room with you.

Thank you for showing me hygge. I can't wait to make my own!

I love you both so, so much. I'm thankful I get you forever.