There's nothing that makes me quite as proud as claiming you as my brother. There's a part of me that lights up any time I have the privilege of telling others about you.

I'm grateful for the relationship you and I have developed. Beyond the unique humor that we share, your wisdom always reaches an untapped part of me. The here-and-now, feeler, often irrational parts of me are challenged and sharpened by your thoughtfulness and perspective. Truly, I value your opinion above the opinion of anyone else in the world.

Thank you for setting an example for me in so many ways. Your ambition, the way you love Dani, your work ethic, the goals you set for yourself, your health habits, and the list goes on.

Thank you for valuing our relationship. I'm grateful for a brother that wants to know me and be invested in my life.

Thank you for seeing potential in me and pushing me to reach it.

Thank you for being one of the few people that can bring me to tears with laughter.

Thank you for guiding me towards a closer relationship with Jesus in all that you say and do.

I love you, Ben.