Ben Barczi,

The sermon you preached yesterday was life changing at the very least.

I think I will be questioning my sexuality until my death bed. There are just so many doubts and questions that have been placed in my mind that I struggle to wrestle with and tame. It can be a horrid existence to live in uncertainty.

Yet, your sermon moved my heart to a different place. A place that says I belong, I'm not alone, and doubts are welcome. Many more parts of life than I'd like to admit are grey. Life isn't binary. The part of me that wants to organize everything into right or wrong was challenged and provoked. Thank you for that.

I'm not sure how my story will end as it relates to my expression of romantic love. But that's okay. You've taught me so much about loving Jesus first and not being identified by my sexuality. At the end of the day, we're broken spirits in need of a Savior, regardless of who we do or do not love. 

Thank you for your wisdom. It astounds me.

Thank you for teaching a church so eager to learn. Your words are altering perceptions.

Thank you for your kind and honest heart.

Thank you for simple smiles.

Thank you for sharing your talents, insights, and story with the Pearl community. You are an asset to the life of our church.

Ben, thank you. You are so appreciated.