Bryce Williams,

In the past three weeks, I've felt quite a few emotions that I'm unfamiliar with. From anger to embarrassment to instability, it has been altogether quite confusing. 

Bryce, I think of you often. As I continue to grow with you and learn more about you, I'm in awe of the peace you carry with you. Your lack of judgement is awe inspiring and moves me to question my own prejudices that I carry with me everyday. The dedication you give to your work and the place you call home gives me hope, even from many miles away. 

The structure and success you've made for yourself in Shreveport help me to vicariously feel like i have my life in order. But more importantly, your friendship and kindness force me to reflect on the many things I DO have amidst confusion and frustration. Even with questions about where I will work next and where I'm going to live, it's people like you who challenge me to take a step back and remember why I'm given life each day. A job and a home are both temporary but the way we love people and fight against injustice are permanent and significant.

Thank you for pushing me to hone in on selflessness in a time of life where I want to do anything but that.

Thank you for allowing me to spill all things to you, knowing judgement is non-existent in our conversations.

Thank you for your melancholy. Sometimes my optimism can get the best of me.

Thank you for introducing me to Lacy. What a blessing she is.

Thank you for your companionship. Knowing you has been one of the greatest joys of 2017.

Bryce, you're a ray of sunshine that likes to think he's a rain cloud. Your humility and altruism are qualities I long to have. I love ya.