Dr. Chris Reynolds,

When I reflect on my time in college, you always come to mind. Your teaching had such an immense impact on who I am, how I carry myself, and what I aspire to be. 

I feel so confident in my public speaking abilities because of you and your teaching. I've been given the skills to speak confidently and (mostly) eloquently at any given moment. Looking back on my first speech in the first class I had with you, it's astounding to see the improvements that were made in my final speech senior year. Absolutely none of that would have happened without you.

Thank you for giving me confidence in my speaking abilities but also the confidence to embrace my true self with joy.

Thank you for making me laugh time and time again. Without fail, I was always excited for your class. 

Thank you for supporting your students outside of the classroom doors.

Thank you for never settling with me. You continually pushed me to do and be better than what I thought I could be.

Dr. Reynolds, I will remember you forever. Thank you for changing my life.