Dave Andrews,

Sweet father dearest! I'm so proud of you.

Working full time, tending to your family, and earning a bachelor's degree is no easy task. Shoot, only working part time while I was in college seemed so, so stressful. But you've done all of this with what seems like ease and even come out with top notch grades. I'm so impressed by you.

Dad, you get me like very few people do. I'm thankful to share with you a laid-back demeanor and a 'take life as it comes' view on things. You've taught me so much about living a full life beyond the 40 hour work week. Ultimately, you've shown me how to step back and check in with what ultimately matters. Am I honoring Jesus in all that I do and am I loving people well?

Thank you for showing me what it looks like to care for and love your family well. I have an immense adoration for the people that I come from because of you.

Thank you for pushing me to go to school, even when I had no desire to.

Thank you for never giving up on loving me, even when it would be so easy to as my father figure.

Thank you for being a present and loving father. 

Thank you for showing me that I should never, ever give up on the things that matter to me and the goals I want to achieve. 

I love you so much, Dad.