Denya Beaudry,

You introduced me to the vegan everything bagel with 'bacon' and chive cream cheese at Sweetpea and really, what more is there to thank you for? It changed my life, maybe? That  might be a bit extreme. Regardless, I still have dreams about that bagel.

Genuinely, Denya, you are easily one of the most hilarious humans I know. What's even greater than that is your enormous heart. Having you as a coworker has brought me immense joy these past few months.

You've helped me in ways that I don't deserve and you've invested in my well being far beyond the 40 hours a week we spend together. While I'm thankful I work remotely, I'm even more thankful you live in Portland and I was able to meet you.

Thank you for showing me pictures of your puppies. They bring me the greatest happiness.

Thank you for letting me ask you a million bajillion questions a day and always answering with such a peppy attitude.

Thank you for loving animals and sharing vegan recipes, restaurants, blogs, etc. with me.

Thank you for hating celery in a world where hate seems to be directed in far worse directions. 

Thank you for being such a warmhearted and generous person.

Denya, I'm so grateful for you. Here's to years of friendship.