Drew Patton,

You make me laugh until tears are welling up in my eyes and my tummy hurts. Sometimes you're being intentionally funny... other times, not so much. Regardless, it makes me so, so happy.

Lately, I've found a lot of joy in how you interact with others. It's fairly easy to skidaddle through day to day life without giving much thought to the most basic human interactions. You're the perfect example of how it doesn't have to be this way. There's a kindness in your eyes that's hard to put into words. It turns even a simple "hello" into something meaningful. 

Of course, I'm sure to you this is just every day life for you. But to everyone around you, it's so special. 

Thank you for your sunshine.

Thank you for all the hope and joy you bring to life! Every moment spent with you reminds me why life is so beautiful.

Thank you for your shady glances and stank eye. It's magnificent.

Thank you for affirming something I've questioned my entire life... I really AM the hottest girl in the club.

Thank you for changing the world just by existing.

Drew, I'm a big fan of you.