Ellie Proctor,

I'm so dang proud of you. Reaching goals and making people laugh. I tell you what, that's just good, clean fun. 

Sadly, I think there are so few people who exit college and fall into something they really love. The stress of student loans, pleasing our parents, and finding "success" easily forces twenty-somethings into jobs and lives they truly aren't happy with. But you are out here learning about improv and taking comedy classes and owning the stage. Watch out Abbi and Ilana, watch out Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, watch out Kristen Wiig, watch out Maya Rudolph, watch out BETTY WHITE, Eleanor Proctor is about to be the next big name in comedy. 

For real, cuh, your work ethic astounds me. And the best part is that, even while working your booty off, you know how to have fun. You can make me laugh like nobody else can.

Thank you for loving me and seeing me through the ebbs and flows of life.

Thank you for being my better half.

Thank you for tandem bikes and HEEEEEEEEHHHH.

Thank you for helping me not take life too seriously. 

Thank you for teaching me that everyone deserves love. 

I love ya, Ell.