Eva Hyder,

I'm a huge Eva fan. HUUUUGE.

I hope you know how wise you are. Every single conversation with you is laden with intelligence and applicable life advice, wrapped up in kindness. Porch sits with you are very near the top of the list when prioritizing what I need to do while in Columbus.

The jambalaya capital of the world may be at the bottom of my "places I want to live" list but it still holds a special place in my heart. @yotiedyeeve and @tymwithawhy became a beautiful duo on that trip (I know you probably hated that). 

I'm so, so thrilled to see where life takes you as we conquer our twenties. You will and are doing many great things. I'm grateful to have a front row seat to your life and to your success.

Thank you for letting me listen, knowing full well you'll always return the favor.

Thank you for loving me fully and always prioritizing Jesus.

Thank you for reminding me that we don't have to settle for "okay". Life can be abundant and full of joy.

Thank you for your vulnerability and humility. The unknown is scary but is often the best place for us to be.

Thank you for being an idyllic friend. 

I love ya, Eva.