Grammy & Pa,

Last night I had a dream about you. Of course, it was strange, as any dream is. But because of it, you've been on my mind more often than you usually are (which is hard to do).

You are the prime example of perfect grandparents. Always supportive, always attending important events, always invested, and always loving. I think I take this for granted far too often and I apologize for that. 

Beyond natural beauty and hilarious wit lies two people, still so madly in love. Seeing you love one another so well inspires me to never settle. Knowing that long-lasting, dedicated, pure love still exists is almost magical. I hope someday to love someone the way you two love one another.

Most importantly, you've shown me what it means to love Jesus with all of my heart. Every word you speak and every action you take is defined by love. All that you do is intertwined with a greater purpose; to show the world where true Love comes from. That defines a life well lived.

Thank you for loving me and supporting me for so many years. 

Thank you for the love you share with one another. 

Thank you for serving those around you with such humility and authenticity. 

Thank you for teaching me to love harmony, gospel music, and family sing-alongs.

Thank you for how you care for and continue to guide your family into greatness. It's a privilege to be an Andrews.

Grammy and Pa, I love you both more than words could even begin to describe.