Howard Schultz,

I'm currently sitting in Starbucks, wondering who to write to today. Then it hits me... Uncle Howie, of course.

I've spent far too much money at Starbucks. But also saved so much money working there. It has been a place of meeting, a place of work, a place of joy and sorrow and everything in between.

Moving across the country was really difficult but the familiarity of Starbucks made it that much easier. It really is magical.

Thank you for fueling my coffee addiction.

Thank you for giving me a second home when I wasn't sure where home was.

Thank you for introducing me to some of the greatest friends I've ever known.

Thank you for helping me meet a 'regular' that I'm particularly fond of.

Thank you for yummy coffee and consistency.

You rock, dude. Also, thanks for providing more vegan options recently. Torturing and killing animals isn't cool under any circumstances.