HR Professionals,

Applying for jobs is a dreadful, soul sucking experience. So much work is put into an application and rarely is any feedback given. It's the complete silence that irks me. 

But, every so often, there's a brilliant HR department that is committed to reaching to EVERY candidate, even if it means rejection.

Thank you for treating me like a human being that deserves a response.

Thank you for giving me closure, even if it's not the kind of closure I'm aiming for.

Thank you for caring about the culture of your company. This ABSOLUTELY includes all applicants, even if they never make it on the team.

Thank you for looking at each application. I know that must be an insane amount of work but every underqualified, overqualified, and perfect applicant appreciates you. 

Thank you for caring about first impressions. It speaks volumes about what your company stands for and the value you place on your people.

HR Professionals that care about humans... keep it up. You're making a difference.