Jason Feingold,

This year, I'm focusing my life on consistency and stability. You, sir, have provided a lot of that, even when my life has felt like it's all falling to pieces.

Jason, you're one of those people that's just downright good. You see the best in people and you're generous. You're kind to everyone and you give, expecting nothing in return. To lose you as a friend would be an awful thing.

It's inspiring to watch you interact with the world. You share joy with everyone around you with such ease. This is a trait I have rarely seen another human exhibit. 

Thank you for your kindness and your endless generosity.

Thank you for loving toilet lights and poop emojis.

Thank you for your friendship and willingness to help me out when I'm in a bind.

Thank you for being a reliable, consistent presence in my life.

Thank you for making Portland feel more like home.

Jason, you're an exceptional human. I'm so grateful for you.