Jimmy Wilcox,

Life is just wild sometimes. And I'm so thankful it is.

As you know, the past week and a half has been a bit of a rollercoaster. And it all sort of came out of nowhere. I think most people would step back, look at me, and think "UNSTABLE!! Yikes."

Yet, you've kept me grounded, let me express my emotions (albeit reluctantly on my part), and continued to encourage me. Your optimism is truly something I strive for. I'm continually astounded by who you are and how well you love other people. 

This morning, I mentioned to you that recent events have made me realize how much I DO have to be thankful for. Well, you sir, are very near the top of that list. 

Thank you for ordering cold brew every single day.

Thank you for making me laugh. Like, seriously, I laugh so much when I'm around you. 

Thank you for your authenticity. It's so rare to find that in someone and I'm so grateful I get to experience it.

Thank you for surrounding yourself with some magnificent people. It has been such a joy getting to know them. 

Thank you for making me better.

I can't say it enough... I'm so grateful for you.