Katie Jump,

Every day is the perfect day to write about you, Katie.

You meant the world to me in college. But somehow, even after graduating and moving far apart from each other, you've only grown to mean more to me than I can even fathom. Your consistent friendship and commitment to knowing me well is priceless. 

There are many, many things that make you so dear to my heart but one of those things is your willingness to sit with me in sorrow, frustration, and anxiety. It's rare to find a friend that can do this without discomfort and without trying to 'save' me. You get me in a way few others do.

On the other hand, you embody sunshine at all the perfect times. Kudos to the OG Sunshine aka Peggy for bringing your light into this world. You've been through so many challenges and obstacles, yet have made it through with great authenticity and not a hint of bitterness. Katie, you impress me every single day.

Thank you for your trustworthiness. There's not a thing in this world I would be afraid to share with you.

Thank you for joining me in the deserts of life. Your companionship has saved my life.

Thank you for your wisdom. How do you always know just what to say?!

Thank you for growing with me, even from 2,500+ miles apart.

Thank you for singing with me and gracing the world with your beautiful voice.

Kat Kat, I love you. 

"Eat dirt and die, trash."