Kendra Schwarz,

Wowie wowie wowie. I could write a NOVEL about you.

Each conversation with you is something to be grateful for. I leave each interaction with you with a deeper appreciation for who you are and the light you bring to the world. Are you even real?

My theme for 2018 is consistency and you have been a major inspiration behind this decision. You are consistent in the way you love people and consistent in keeping your promises. You serve others consistently and you're consistent in the above-and-beyond work you produce. 

While you continue to grow and challenge yourself, your message remains true: love Jesus and love others. You do this so well. Without speaking any words, your life so clearly draws others to something Higher and a larger Purpose beyond themselves.

And yet you remain humble. Always downplaying your accomplishments, giving credit to others, and reminding yourself how you can do better next time. It's funny how the people who truly have so much to brag about are always the most humble.

Thank you for teaching me something new every day.

Thank you for your authenticity. The confidence you exude makes you so approachable.

Thank you for spending your energy on others. I, among many others, would not be the same without your voice and wisdom.

Thank you for making me feel alive! Even the simplest conversation with you is exhilarating. 

Thank you for your joy.

Kendra "Sweaty Butch" Schwarz, I adore you.