Matt Brehm,

My roomie comrade in a house of... questionable decisions. What a pleasure it has been to get to know you, although the impetus for our most recent chats haven't been the most pleasurable.

Your resilience truly baffles me. As I continue to hear bits and pieces of your story, I am astounded by your can-do attitude and general positive demeanor. You're always willing to extend a helping hand to those around you even though the world hasn't necessarily shown you the same kindness. And it's not even a 'let me help you move this couch' kind of generosity. It's a 'I will literally get nothing out of this but you're a wonderful human so I'm going to help you out' kind of generosity. 

Rarely do I look at a person and think "Aaaah yes. We could use more people like them in this world." But Matt, I genuinely think these thoughts when I'm around you. The world would be a more peaceful, kind, and humble place if we took notes from you.

Thank you for your hearty laughter. It warms the heart.

Thank you for showing me how to turn sucky situations into opportunities for growth.

Thank you for having a heart that desires to share kindness and appreciation for the world around you.

Thank you for teaching me so much in such a short amount of time.

Matt, you're great. Here's to the zany home that is 20629 NW Painted Mountain Dr.