Mike Roth,

I never imagined church could look like it does at Pearl. I firmly believe that faith and justice must exist together and our church is a stunning example of that.

To attend a church that values feminist theology, queer theology, the voice of the poor, and the theology of voices outside of the white male realm is so powerful. It has broadened my view of what church can be and what God has called me to. I've seen inclusion build the most beautiful church community I've ever been a part of. The love between the people at Pearl is authentic and challenging.

Thank you for leading this church and for listening to the Holy Spirit as we continue to transform into what God designed church to be.

Thank you for your eloquent words. Listening to your wisdom is so easy. 

Thank you for allowing other leaders' voices to be heard.

Thank you for creating a space that welcomes and fights against judgment. 

It is such a joy to be a part of Pearl. Thank you, Mike.