Molly & Kaleb Lollar,

I couldn't decide which one of you to write about because you're both exceptional humans, so I decided I'd write to both of you this time around.

It is such a blessing knowing you and spending time with you. To see your family grow and develop brings me the greatest joy and I feel privileged to be a part of it. Your maturity, parenting abilities, and vivacious outlook on life never ceases to impress and inspire me. 

Living in Portland continues to be a challenge. While my heart and mind long for stability, the Lord has different plans that I have yet to understand. Amidst this confusion, your friendship has offered me an immeasurable amount of comfort and consistency. Each moment we spend together reminds me why Portland is good and why I was brought here in the first place.

Thank you for being wonderful friends that I can make questionable brownies with.

Thank you for letting me be a part of Maisie's life. She is a treasure to this world.

Thank you for your generosity as my life takes me through countless twists and turns.

Thank you for pushing me to love Jesus more. Thank you for questioning my choices in the name of strengthening my faith.

Thank you for bringing another Molly & Kaleb creation into the world. We need more humans like you.

I love both of you so much.