Nicole Anderson,

I'm currently watching you make cookies and for some reason I am overwhelmed by how much your existence means to me. When someone mentions you around me, I can't stop myself from lighting up. You're what they call "good people". You're the friend that anyone would be proud to introduce Mom & Dad to. You're the kind of person we all need more of. 

I will never, ever regret creepily befriending you at Starbucks. From one of my first Portland friends to one of my best Portland friends, you've defined what it means to change a life. Your endless joy, unwavering kindness, and unmatched empathy have transformed the way that I view the world. And at the end of the day, your life always points me back to a God that loves me deeply and longs to spend an eternity with me.

Thank you for asking me the hard questions. You're not afraid to make me uncomfortable and I desperately need that.

Thank you for sitting with me in some of the most difficult moments in my life.

Thank you for continuing to love me, even after the mess that was Portland 1.0.

Thank you for coffee dates and babysitting dates.

Thank you for unashamedly loving Jesus.

No amount of 'thank you's' will ever be enough to express how you have changed my life. Never leave me. I love you.