To the Customer who gave feedback,

I'm going to go ahead and have a prideful moment.

Working in customer support is the BEST. I love talking with people and taking every opportunity to step into their shoes and help them out as best as I know how. I have the opportunity to critique my own spelling and grammar and turn customer service into something really exciting. Each day is a new challenge and I fall in love with customer support all over again.

Today a customer had this to say:
"Tym Andrews was amazing! He sold me on your company and made me want to sign up. I felt cared for and that my account mattered. Thank you for having such a great team member as part of your company."

Now, this person didn't have to share this. They could have simply went on their merry way. But they took the time to give feedback. And not only that, it was POSITIVE feedback.

We naturally tend to take the time to express our negative feedback or what we're disgruntled about over expressing a satisfied or happy opinion. We need more of the latter in this world.

So Customer and friend, thank you for making my day and thank you for being a part of this company that I am so in love with.