To the friends who are single,

What a joy it is to be single.

Now, don't get me wrong, being in a relationship is super fun. There are so, so many great things that come along with dating someone.

But my goodness, there are magnificent parts of being single! To find confidence in who you are is challenging but also one of the greatest victories life has to offer. To walk around with your head held high, happy with who you are is such a gift. It's like the party has already started and if someone wants to join the party and make the party better, so be it. But the fact is, the party is hella fun with or without them.

It's fun to treat yourself. It's fun to flirt. It's fun to wake up each day with no one to impress but the person looking back at you in the mirror. It's fun to better yourself. It's fun to take yourself on a date. It's fun to reflect on your past relationships. It's fun to be single.

Thank you to my friends who are single. 

Thank you for your confidence. It's so, so attractive.

Thank you for your honesty. Sometimes being single really can make a person feel less than.

Thank you for your ambition. I realize my own potential through seeing you live up to yours.

Life isn't meant to be half lived outside of a relationship. It is full, it is present, and it is good.