Zoë Sturges,

You sweet little angel, you. 

I don't think I've ever known anyone quiet as talented as you. For real. You amaze me with your art, your spirit, and your ambition.

You have taught me so many lessons in life but one lesson I'm especially thankful for is how you've taught me to think, dream, and live independently. You've set a beautiful example of creating your own rhythms that don't follow any pre-set rules. You've shown me how to grab the status quo and throw it in the trash. Your success is a testament to the strength of passion and nerve.

Also, you're so beautiful and it just wows me every time I see you.

Thank you for vlogging. Your fans need you.

Thank you for pushing boundaries and showing me that life shouldn't be contained in the little box that white, Christian, heterosexual, cis men like to keep us in. 

Thank you for sharing your talents with the world.

Thank you for calling me out on my crap. You help keep me humble.

Thank you for committing to marriage over and over again. "I do" always.

I love you boo boo.