Balthazar Simões

Campaign Monitor

formerly Head of Support - North America


"Tym is as sharp as they come and has endeared himself to everyone on the team. We needed him to come on and make a big impact in a short amount of time, which required lots of quick learning on his part and he was able to outdo every expectation and make a mark faster than anyone in memory. Tym is rich in talents and the icing on the cake is he is a wonderful person to work with."

Denya Beaudry


Customer Success manager


"It's hard to write about Tym in just a few sentences because the amount of joy he brings to our team is immeasurable. His enthusiasm and genuine curiosity for learning surpasses anyone I've ever met. Tym has learned the intricate details of an application that has many quirks with great aplomb. He genuinely cares about helping people and does so with such a kindhearted touch. Tym is one of those coworkers that you'll always remember."

brooke jackson

shape nw

adventure camp coordinator

portland, or

"Where do I begin to describe how fantastic Tym is? From kindness and human connection to analytical and technological, Tym is the whole package. Working with him this past summer has been a true joy. I never had to worry when a task was handed to him because I was confident and constantly reassured that he would not only complete the task in a timely manner, but would most often go above and beyond expectations.

Tym exemplifies a dedication to a quality of work that is often amiss in our society. Having a team member who takes pride in their work, operates well under stress and effectively communicates is someone to truly cherish. Tym was the ideal member and coordinator for our team and will be missed. Wherever he lands next, they will be lucky to have this ace in the hole."

Jennifer Bechtold

Otterbein University

Director - Office of Student INvolvement

Columbus, OH

"Tym is reliable, hard-working, and dedicated. He radiates joy and love and it's contagious. Tym inspires others. He inspires them to be better, more authentic, versions of themselves.  He believes in people and when his teammates feel his support they are better able to execute their goals confidently. Without question, Tym ALWAYS makes his team and his teammates stronger.

Tym is amazing  he exudes a genuine passion for life and he inspires me to live out a more authentic version of myself. I would hire Tym in a heartbeat. He is creative, insightful, and a pleasure to be around. He is welcome on my team whenever he's ready!"

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"My favorite part of Tym as a coworker and as a person is his infallible ability to bring joy to everyone around him. He has an indistinguishable ability to empathize and connect with every walk of life. There are very few people that can reach the level of sincerity Tym can."





"Tym's attention to detail and ability to follow up on every task given to him stands out to me. He always came to work TO WORK. He never took the easy way through. Tym is fun AND he gets stuff done. He's the one you'd pick first to be on your team."






"My favorite part of working with Tym was being influenced by his ability to highlight and bring out the best in those within his circle. A shift worked with Tym meant a shift full of competent work, customer-focus, and the best kind of laughter."